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There’s nothing like being able to wake up in the mountains and sit down with friends and family for breakfast.

And while this is a feature  not all motorhomes can a accommodate, the Roadtrek 210-Versatile is an exception.

One of the “true” Class B motorhomes, Roadtrek’s 210 models are built on the Chevrolet Express extended van and include; well, more of everything.

Despite the 210 models being built on a full van body, travelers don’t have to worry about riding on a box on wheels. Just past the cab, the vehicle starts to before narrowing at the rear. What does his mean? We’ll for starters better ride quality. It helps for better maneuverability and you don’t even have to worry about utilizing the vehicle’s rear wheels.

Like its sister model, the 210-Popular, the Versatile includes more headroom, interior space, a bigger bathroom,  storage, and sleeping area.  Two captain’s seats which swivel, along with two forward facing lounge seats and a dining table, help make the Versatile the perfect place to entertain guests, whether it be for a friendly meal, a cup of coffee or a couple games of cards. One notable difference of the Versatile compared to the Popular is the addition of a microwave.

Feel free to kick your feet up, relax and watch a movie through a home theatre system thanks to a power sofa located in the rear of this great Class B Camper Van. The sofa also provides additional seating for two and can also be converted into a queen-sized bed – perfect for those travelers wanting a bigger bed than what’s in the 190 models and who don’t want to loose seating.

Looking for more information about this Roadtrek model? Give us a call at 1-888-436-3216 and speak with a member of our team.

Why the Roadtrek 210 Versatile?



1. Wardrobe

2. Stove

3. Sink

4. Fridge

5. Microwave

6. Home Theatre

7. Toilet

8. Shower

9. Sliding Table

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